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Our Band of Brothers Seminar

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Sexual impurity is flooding our culture and threatening a generation of Christian men.

Join us at Corydon Baptist Church on
January 24-25

Friday 7:00 to 9:30 PM & Saturday 9:00 to Noon

Our Band of Brothers Seminar at Corydon Baptist Church

Our Band of Brothers Seminar is the true story of men who discovered a fresh approach to addressing pornography in the life of a believer. This seminar focuses on solutions that have worked and lasted after old approaches (“bouncing eyes,” internet filters, typical accountability groups) proved less than effective. It gets to the core of the problem instead of dealing with symptoms. And it not only offers hope for the lifelong duration of your battle, but for your children, too.


What’s different about this approach?

  • Who we fight the battle with (not who you’d expect)
  • Who we fight it for (it isn’t just about you)
  • How we fight the battle (new tactics that address core issues)


If you’re under attack, you need an offensive strategy. That’s what we share. This seminar offers hope to any Christian guy who feels discouraged, ill equipped, or even doubtful whether this battle is winnable. Watching this video is the best way to find out what you can expect to see at the seminar.  Men, you certainly won't want to miss this!

Register at ourbandofbrothers.org

Cost: $39

* Is this appropriate for my teenage son? Absolutely! We invite you to attend together. We suggest 13 as a minimum age. The most important factor is your son’s interest in the topic and personal motivation to attend.