“Harassment Free” Abortions


On Thursday, May 20th, the Louisville Metro Council voted 14-11 to allow healthcare facilities to create “buffer zones” or “safety zones” around their entrances. 

Of course, anyone with a modicum of integrity knows this has nothing to do with healthcare.  It has everything to do with trying to ensure more women allow their unborn babies to be hacked to pieces inside their wombs.  It is yet another iteration of our morally repugnant, totally insane cancel culture.  If someone disagrees with you, and dares to voice that opposition, silence them at all costs.  Restrict their freedoms.  Ban their opinion. Create a “safe space” where nobody is allowed to say, “You’re wrong.”  Or, “please reconsider.”  Or, “may I pray for you?”  Or, “Have you thought about adoption?”  Or, “can I tell you about Jesus Christ?”   

Oh no!  We can’t have that!  Such harassment is out of bounds. 

Dr. Earnest Marshall, founder of the EMW Women’s Surgical Center (aka Abortion Mill), welcomed the legislation, telling local news WDRB, "Medically speaking, and first and foremost, our patients are psychologically damaged by the blocking, harassment, taunts and stalking for over a block when they are trying to enter our office.  This is extremely stressful and they express they are afraid on a public sidewalk.”

Well, that’s overly dramatic and mischaracterizing, to say the least.

But even if it were true, does this Doctor seriously think that being asked not to have an abortion while walking a city block is more psychologically damaging to women than actually having an abortion?  The load of guilt these women carry scars them for life, and often the father of the aborted baby is severely damaged as well.  I mean do we as a society truly believe that one can knowingly allow their baby to be slaughtered with psychological and moral impunity?  Not to mention, if the women think they’re scared, they ought to trade places with their unborn babies who are about to be on the chopping block!       

Politically, the Metro Council is claiming that a very divisive and hotly contested ruling by the Supreme Court in 1972 outstrips the clear First Amendment rights of abortion protestors, pro-life counselors, and side-walk prayer warriors.  That’s a weak political position, to put it mildly.  Abortion rights reign supreme over all other rights, so the argument goes.  This kind of argument is now being made from the Gay Marriage Supreme Court debacle.  So-called “gay rights” or LGBTQ+ rights reign supreme.    

Morally, the Metro Council is claiming that murdering an unborn baby is superior and preferable to protesting, counseling and praying outside a “health” clinic.  That’s demonic moral reasoning.  Pure insanity. 

Logically, the Metro Council is claiming that a pregnant woman must have a harassment free safe space, while turning the woman’s womb into the most unsafe space imaginable for an unborn baby.  The only reason that pregnant mom can have a safe space is because her mother did not abort her!  The abortion rights argument is bereft of logic.  It is bereft of science. It is bereft of morality.  It is bankrupt. Period.

And some of us God-fearing, Bible-honoring, Christ-loving pastors and Christians are 100% convinced that the judgment of God has been, is, and shall remain upon this nation until we finally put an end to this murderous scourge.  I simply do not see how any follower of Christ could expect otherwise.

The Metro Council voted to abuse and exploit vulnerable pregnant women. To ignore hurting vulnerable men. And to turn a blind eye to the sharp scissors puncturing babies’ tiny, precious, created-by-God skulls.  God have mercy on their souls.  God have mercy on our nation.  How can we escape His wrath? 

To the 4 Democrats on the Metro Council who voted with the Republicans against this barbaric excuse for healthcare legislation, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for your courage to buck your party’s satanic platform and agenda.  Thank you for doing what is right in God’s eyes, and for honoring our Constitutional freedoms.  May God grant repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ to all who have ever, or are now supporting abortion or wrestling with the aftershocks of having an abortion.  The righteous blood of Jesus can wash the vilest sinner clean.  Confess your sin and call upon His name for forgiveness.   

If you are pregnant and want or need help in the Southern Indiana region, please contact Choices Life Resource Center https://choiceslrc.org/.