A United Democratic Front


“Woe to you who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).  

At one of the most divisive political times in our nation’s history, Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows how to bring her party together.  

The deceptively named “Women’s Health Protection Act” seeks to wipe out all the various pro-life laws passed by the states, and permanently legalize abortion on demand, for any reasons whatsoever, right up until birth.  This is one truly barbaric piece of legislation.  The only things it would protect are murder, racist infanticide, abuse of women, and oppression of the disabled.      

If there are any remaining “Evangelicals for Biden” out there, or any life-loving, God-fearing, Bible-revering Christians who somehow still justify voting for democrats, I am simply at a loss for words.  All but 1 democrat in the House of Representatives voted for this wicked legislation.  And 100% of the House Republicans voted against it.  

So, just in case we were not already crystal clear on it, the issue of abortion is at once the most divisive and unifying issue of our time.  A vote for a democrat is a vote for slicing up babies in wombs, with ruthless disregard for both the mother and child.  And, it scarcely matters how “centrist” or even “right-leaning” the democrat claims to be on other issues.  It matters not whether the democrat claims to be Christian (many in the House who voted for this sick excuse for law do claim to follow Jesus).  A vote for a democrat is a vote sure to result in millions more deaths of the most innocent and defenseless among us.  A vote for a democrat ensures America continues to push abortion down the throats of countless 3rd and 4th World nations.  When will BLM and the Critical Theorists take up the mantle of the truly oppressed?  The Democratic Party Platform is chocked full of calling evil good.    

I am sick and tired of prominent evangelical pastors and leaders, many of whom are in my own denomination, providing political loopholes and justifications for voting for democrats.  This past year’s Southern Baptist Convention had so many of our top leaders doing a jig to make sure we are somehow a-political.  Unity in the gospel was the rally cry, all while seeking to assuage the consciences of those who were patting themselves on the back for ousting a President whose tweets were mean.  I cannot personally think of anything meaner or more prideful than the promotion of abortion.  How can we be unified in the gospel, which proclaims Jesus died for people, when some among us support the wholesale slaughter of people?  

It is time for pastors and true Christians to speak out like never before.  Hit the sidewalks in front of abortion clinics like never before.  Pray like never before.  Preach like never before.  Call upon anyone who supports pro-abortion politicians to repent like never before.  Counsel at Pro-life pregnancy centers like never before!  The religion of child sacrifice in America must be stopped.  O God, help!  

This post will get me accused of being too crass.  Unloving. Unkind. 

Babies’ skulls are being crushed!  Babies’ brains are being sucked out of their heads!  Babies’ limbs are being torn apart!  Mothers’ wombs, the very God-designed incubators of life, are being made death chambers.  Mothers’ and fathers’ emotions are being mocked.  Their life-long trauma is being celebrated and endorsed.  Their most base inclinations are being stimulated.  Infanticide is being trivialized. 

And God, the Judge of all the earth, sees, knows, and cares.

Do we?