God Bless America

Our Nation is about to celebrate her 248th Birthday!

Hating the United States of America seems to be replacing baseball as our national pastime these days. Sadly, this is becoming more and more so even among some Christians. While it's one thing to despise all sin, including our own and our national sins, it's entirely another thing to view our Nation as something to be denounced or abhorred or destroyed.

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SBC Summary

The Southern Baptist Convention exists for exactly two days out of every year. Strictly speaking, the SBC is not a denomination. It is an association, or convention, of autonomous churches that agree to cooperate missionally, rallying around a common faith as expressed in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. The church I pastor, Corydon Baptist Church, willingly cooperates with the SBC.

But less and less so over the last five years.

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A Nation’s Heroes

"Pay your obligations to everyone . . . respect to those you owe respect, and honor to those you owe honor" (Rom 13:7).

Do you ever wonder who we will think of as our Nation's heroes in fifty years? Or 100 years?

It seems to me we are running low on true heroes these days. We are tearing down statues and monuments to the past with fierce swiftness. And whatever you might think of the men or women memorialized in statues and monuments, you must ask, "Is it good for a Nation to demolish its past or seek to erase its national memory?"

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Cross-Centered Motherhood

"And He [Jesus] said to all, 'If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me'" (Luke 9:23).

Perhaps nobody in our society's normal, daily ebb and flow sacrifices more and more often than mothers. Motherhood, by Divine design, is sacrificial.

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A Baby is a Baby is a Baby

In summary, the theologically based view of the sanctity of life adopted by the People of Alabama encompasses the following: 1. God made every person in His image; 2. each person therefore has a value that far exceeds the ability of human beings to calculate; and 3. human life cannot be wrongfully destroyed without incurring the wrath of a holy God, who views the destruction of His image as an affront to Himself. Section 36.06 recognizes that this is true of unborn human life no less than it is of all other human life - that even before birth, all human beings bear the image of God, and their lives cannot be destroyed without effacing His glory.

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Know When to Hold ‘em

The Super Bowl last month set several records. Here's one - "an historic 67.8 million people gambled $23.1 billion on the game's outcome - 44% higher than the previous record of $16 billion placed by 50.4 million people, set just last year, according to a survey from the American Gaming Association." (https://washingtonstand.com/news/recordbreaking-super-bowl-bets-prod-tony-perkins-ralph-nader-to-tackle-gambling) People are literally able to bet on anything and everything now. Every baseball pitch. What color shirt Taylor Swift will wear to the game. It's the very definition of insanity.

We are a Nation of Addicts. Sex. Drugs. Money. Online status / likes.

We are seeking desperately to soothe our lonely, deeply troubled souls.

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Love in the Air

This was brought to my attention this morning, and I thought it was definitely worth reposting. This is from Paul Tripp's blog: https://www.paultripp.com/wednesdays-word/posts/24-ways-to-love-in-2024

I was initially going to take a break from our Wednesday's Word series on evangelism and how to be a light in your neighborhood because today is Valentine's Day. Typically, my devotional during this week every year focuses on love, applied specifically to marriage.

The list below, of course, applies to how you treat your husband or wife. But then it hit me: there's no better way to preach Christ to your neighbor than by incarnating the love of Christ as an ambassador of the One who is love.

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American Addicts

"For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved" (2 Peter 2:19).

Several months ago, we were all saddened to hear of the death of famous actor Matthew Perry. His acting skills and comedic brilliance were legendary in Hollywood. Perry battled various addictions for most of his adult life. For the last few years, he considered himself, and was considered by medical communities and therapists, to be "sober."

But was he?

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Remembering My Father’s Friend

"Do not forsake your friend and your father's friend" (Proverbs 27:10).

Last week, I received news that Kenneth Wayne Morrow had died. He died on New Year's Day. And began to experience everlasting life in a new way, with his spirit in the presence of the Risen Lord!

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Christian Dating

Our church family has a growing number of single young adults, or those about to enter that status. We also have a few single parents. They are all precious to me as their Pastor. I have watched most of them grow up. Many of them were literally children when I came here 12 years ago. And now they're graduating high school, or going off to college, or entering the full-time workforce. I realize every Pastor is biased, but I really think our young adults are exceptional. And I mean that in the way that matters most - spiritually. Our young adults, by and large, have been raised in homes where Dad and Mom saturated them in the gospel. Led them in regular family worship. Prayed for them, with them, and over them. Read the Bible to them and with them, and taught them to read the Word of God for themselves. These young adults were disciplined biblically as children, and equipped by parents and pastors serving alongside each other for the glory of Jesus in the lives of children and young adults. All glory to God!

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