Election 2020


Could there be a more volatile time for a presidential election in our nation?  I am forever thankful my hope is not in this world!  

And yet, I may not as a follower of Christ, shirk my responsibilities in this world.  And you may not, either, dear Christian.  We must shine as lights in this crooked and perverse world and hold out the word of life (Phil 2:14-16).  We must seek justice and love mercy, as God defines those terms (Mic 6:8).

One of the ways we are blessed in this country to be able to effect righteous laws, or righteous changes, is by voting in our elections.  If you do not like our current electoral system, feel free to replace it with that of any other nation in the world. But I warn you – you’ll be sorry.  

So, Christians, please vote!  I want to spend the next few weeks of blog posts, leading up to Election Day, examining what I believe are the key issues that should drive how we vote as the chosen, blood-bought people of God in Christ Jesus.  It is not my intent to hyper-analyze each issue. Rather, I simply want to state the issue. Examine the two party platforms on the issue, then ask, “What says the Lord?”  

Issue #1 – Abortion. 

In some ways, we need not go beyond this issue. Yes, I have been for decades and continue to be a “one issue voter.”  While Christians like me have come under criticism from other well-meaning Christians, I ask all Christians to watch this video, and then tell me that voting for any candidate whose party platform supports this is pleasing to our Creator.


Abortion is not just murder (the taking of the most defenseless and innocent life).  Abortion is gruesome murder. Abortion is tortuous murder. We would puke if we saw this happening to a kitten or puppy in the womb.  How must God grieve to see His image-bearers carved up like a Christmas turkey?  

For a comparison of party platforms, https://downloads.frcaction.org/EF/EF20I08.pdf  

What the Bible says about this issue is so crystal clear that I sense little need to even try to expound upon it. “Do not murder” (Exodus 20:13).  If a person caused a pregnant women in ancient Israel to miscarry or caused harm to her babies, the punishment was death (Exodus 21:22-25).  God’s view is clear. And how in the name of all things unholy we have tolerated this evil in our nation for 50 years is beyond me.  

I can easily imagine (and dream of) a generation some 50 years from now looking back on us and renouncing our sins or complacency in the matter of abortion.  Asking, “How could they?”  Just as we today have renounced our past sins of chattel slavery, so may future generations rise up and renounce us for allowing our tax money to fund baby slaughter houses. For spending millions of dollars making companies rich that fund abortion genocide mills. 

O God release us from this curse!  Forgive us!  Our only plea is the righteousness of Christ and His atoning death in our place. Bring us as a nation to repent of this evil. Give us leaders who will finally eliminate it from our society.  And grant churches the grace to serve hurting mothers. To hold out the gospel to them. To adopt more babies. And to move with compassion to a lost world in need of the Savior.  Lord, forbid any Christian called by Your name to vote for a candidate who personally, or via his or her party platform, supports abortion in any way.  Heal our land of this bloodguilt.  For Christ’s sake. Amen.