The Pro-Abortion Consistency


Earlier this week, the US Senate was unable to pass straight-forward legislation that would have ensured any babies born alive during abortion attempts receive standard medical care.  Every Democrat except three voted “no.”

So, let’s be very clear.  These Senators, elected to one of the highest and most noble offices in our great Nation, voted to allow a doctor, and nurses, to simply leave a bloody, crying, wriggling baby on the operating table to die.  No first aid.  No nothing.  Or, one would assume, these senators think it would actually be best and most proper for the aborting doctor to just go ahead and finish the job.  Stab that baby in the heart.  Decapitate the baby.  Whatever it takes.  Just stop the incessant crying.  End that baby’s life, whatever it takes!

One wonders how it is possible for any human being to support such policy and procedure.  Much less some of the most educated and intelligent leaders in our country?!  I firmly believe in the Bible Doctrine of Total Depravity.  That is, every human is fallen and sinful and unable to be reconciled to our Creator God by our own efforts.  And sin has infected every single part of us as humans, thus the word “total” (if you need a refresher course here, read Romans 1-3).  But Total Depravity does not mean that every human is as sinful as he or she can possibly be.  Aren’t we thankful for this common grace truth?  Imagine a world where everyone is as given over to evil as he or she possibly could be.  Literally hell on earth.  Scary, huh?

Well folks, that world is seemingly becoming a reality in the United States Congress!

But I must confess, at least the Democrats and pro-abortion proponents are consistent.  Once you support the killing of babies, does it really matter where the baby is located?  And if it does matter, why?  Why would it be OK to carve up an infant inside the womb, but not be OK to do so outside the womb?  If the baby’s not wanted by the mother, then the mother’s desire always matters most.  Right?  And carrying this to its logical conclusion, then why would a mother not then be able to shoot her five-year old dead too?  So long as she decides the child is not wanted, or the child is inconveniencing her, or threatening her “health,” then why would the age of a child matter?  I mean, do we seriously think murder is right and good only if a doctor does it during a so-called “medical procedure” inside a woman’s womb?  Why not just let moms kill their children whenever they want?  That’s true “Abortion-On-Demand.”

In a weird, stomach-churning kind of way, I am thankful for this moment of clarity in our Nation.  May God be pleased to awaken hundreds of thousands of Americans to the stark reality that abortion is murder.  It destroys a human being.  Period.  And once someone is OK with murder, then where does it stop?  Why bother trying to put any parameters on it at all?

And I wonder where the outrage of Republicans and thousands of Christians has been for the last two years as we have watched a once Republican-controlled Congress refuse to de-fund Planned Parenthood?  Why are we so outraged now that Democrats and pro-choicers have proven they are actually more consistent then we are?  At what point will we fully and finally . . .

Be wretched and mourn and weep.  Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom.  Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you” (James 4:9-10).