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The Never-Ending SBC Apology Tour

If anyone doubts the intrusion of Critical Theory into the worldview of the average Southern Baptist Christian, or church, not to mention the Convention at upper echelons as expressed in the annual resolutions proposed and passed at conventions, one need only: a) Observe how many SBC leaders are now linking the pro-life cause with socialism / Marxism / redistribution of wealth / government nanny-state; b) Review the many resolutions expressing some kind of public apology for sins of the past.

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The Biblical Doctrine of Headship

In the previous post, I warned of the feminist view of the office and role of pastor that has infested the Southern Baptist Convention. As the Chairwoman of the Credentials Committee mentioned, some in the SBC think the "gifting" of pastor can be distinguished from the "office" of pastor, thus paving the way for ordination of women into the pastorate, or the allowance of women serving in some kind of pastoral functions or roles. This kind of obfuscation of the meaning of words is classic liberal, ignore-the-plain-meaning of the Bible strategy.

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