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Without a doubt, Thanksgiving is my favorite American Holiday, followed closely by St. Patrick’s Day (mostly just because I am Irish and love corned beef and cabbage)....

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Partiality by Vaccination


The lack of biblical discernment among several big name evangelical leaders and churches is now beyond disturbing. More and more reports of a new form of church segregation are popping up around the nation. Ironically, some of the same pastors and leaders who have been slowly but surely drinking the Kool Aid of wokeness, which claims its aim is “antiracism,” are now ...

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God has ordained government as the earthly authority with the power of the sword (Rom 13:1-7). Governments are all accountable to the King of kings for how they rule (Dan 4; Rev 18). Governments are beholden to God’s Word to discern good from evil. The Bible is replete, however, with examples of earthly rulers and governments who refused to stay in their lane....

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A United Democratic Front


At one of the most divisive political times in our nation’s history, Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows how to bring her party together. The deceptively named “Women’s Health Protection Act” seeks to wipe out all the various pro-life laws passed by the states, and permanently legalize abortion on demand, for any reasons whatsoever, right up until birth....

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Shall We Never Forget?


The song by Alan Jackson, “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?” says it well. It did feel like everything in the world was on pause, on that day twenty years ago. 9/11. ...

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O How the Mighty Are Fallen!


...a fitting epitaph for what we Americans have witnessed over the last few weeks. ...

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Preparing for the Worship Gathering


I recently read this blog post by Dr. Chuck Lawless. While I certainly cannot improve upon the 10 Questions given to us by Dr. Lawless, I want to come at it from a slightly different angle. Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries has often said that Christians should find a healthy New Testament Church then build their lives around it. I heartily concur. ...

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When God Whispers


In a sermon now infamous among many of us Southern Baptists, the then President of the SBC, J.D. Greear, stated that “God whispers about sexual sin.” ... So, let’s take a sampling of God’s whispering:...

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The State As God


A pastor friend recently posted this citation from R. J. Rushdoony, from page 111 of his book The Politics of Guilt and Pity. I thought it worth posting again here:...

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Twelve Hymns to Sing as a Family


A mom in our church recently texted me a question: “I’d like to know what top 12 hymns you would recommend all children know.”...

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