Ladies' Event

Mar 02, 2024 09:00AM - 02:00PM

Are you sick of offense? Has it consumed your days and robbed your nights of sleep? Are you confused as to how to respond to real hurt done by others? Can you answer what the Bible says about responding to offense? Are you living that way? Would you like help? Join us for a day of women ministering to other women about how to be free from constant offense.

Date: Saturday, March 2
Place: Corydon Baptist Church
Topic: Offense
Presenter: ACBC Certified Counselor Lori Beard


9-11:   - Teaching Time
11-12: - Lunch: $10.00 lunch charge Due day of Pizza and salad
12-2:   - Panel Question & Answer : to include small group breakaways)

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Location: Corydon Baptist Church