Global Day of Prayer for Revival

Feb 06, 2024 08:00PM - 12:00PM

A quarterly day of prayer and fasting for Revival will begin with Fasting an Prayer the evening before a Corporate Prayer Meeting at CBC


  • Tuesday Evening – Family Prayers

    • Start Fast around 8:00 pm
      • Take time with your family to pray for revival
    • Wednesday – Individual Prayers

      • Continue fasting and praying throughout the morning and day.
        • If possible, come together in small groups to pray.
    • Wednesday Evening – Corporate Prayer Meeting

      • Come together with your local church (at your normal service time).
        • After a few words of instruction and exhortation from your pastor or church leader, pray for at least an hour for revival.
        • Keep your prayers focused on God’s glory and the need for revival.
        • End Fast after the corporate prayer meeting.

Location: Corydon Baptist Church