A Proper Burial

Let me tell you where Mayor Pete Buttigieg is not today.

He is not at the burial ceremony for 2,411 aborted babies.  That ceremony is being held in his city, South Bend, IN.  But I feel sure he's not planning to attend.  His radical pro-choice agenda simply could not stand up to the actual reality of tiny babies with faces, arms, fingers, ears, toes, brains, legs, hearts.  Many of them dismembered and disfigured.  Stored in a late abortion doctor's garage like they were nothing more than cobwebs or roofing nails.  You can read more about it here:


America must decide if this callousness towards life is going to continue to define her.  If we decide wrongly, sinfully, and continue to tolerate the murder of babies, then God will no doubt keep giving us leaders we deserve.  Socialists.  Marxists.  Godless agnostics or those claiming religion, even Christianity, while pushing an agenda that is Satanic.

But I, and many thousands of others, are praying and crying out to God to have mercy on us!  To give us leaders with the moral spine to finally end this scourge.  If slavery is a stain on America, and it surely is, then abortion is more so.  To forcefully enslave another human, made in God's image, is to denigrate his very personhood and limit his potential.  To slaughter another human in the womb, is to permanently destroy his personhood and potential.

When will we finally demand an end to this butcher shop?


by Keith McWhorter