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The Faith of Forgiveness


Forgiveness. Such a beautiful, terrible word. Beautiful to receive, but often so terribly difficult to give. ...

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The Ecclesiology of Slander And Gossip


What is it about us human beings that we simply cannot seem to resist talking about other people? ...

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Courageous Confession


We’ve all been there. Cringing as we hear someone in church sharing a testimony that just gets way too specific about one’s pre-conversion past, or even one’s so-called “backsliding.” It sounds dangerously close to glorifying the sin. At best we might be thinking TMI (to use textese, a language I do not actually speak). At worst, we are covering our children’s ...

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Pray For The Supreme Court!


The “leaked” document published by Politico pertaining to the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade is a stunning development. Add the highest court of our land to the ever-growing list of institutions that have proven to be infiltrated with untrustworthy snitches who care more about themselves and their personal agendas than the higher good or the overall int...

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