Awful Anniversary

Thursday is the 42nd anniversary of the tragedy of Roe v. Wade.  Tens of millions of murdered babies later, we're forced as American believers to wonder how much longer this nation can survive this holocaust.

Some bright spots exist.  Younger Americans are more pro-life, according to research and polls.  Organizations have been busy doing undercover work to expose the insane evil that occurs on a daily basis in Planned Parenthood facilities.  Some horrific examples are:  Prostitution is encouraged and supported, even among 12 year old girls.  Laws are routinely ignored.  Sanitation is quite poor and sub-standard by any hospital's guidelines.  Testimonies of women victimized and treated with coldness during the murderous procedures are becoming more commonplace.  All this exposure is having an impact, for which we should thank God.

And yet, by and large the "law of the land" is still deeply entrenched.  It seems no matter the route taken (the person-hood initiative, the fetal pain laws, and so on), the end result is the same.  Higher courts uphold some contrived woman's "right" to end the life of her unborn child.  Our President and many lawmakers still support infanticide, despite obvious medical evidence that abortion is nothing less than killing a defenseless human.  When will it end?  Will it end?  And what can we do as Christians who know human life is precious because God has made us all in His own image and forbidden us to murder innocent human life.

Let me suggest four very simple things every Christian can and should do:

  1. Pray.  When is the last time you attended a prayer gathering at your church aimed specifically at crying out to God on behalf of unborn babies, victimized mothers, estranged dads, and wicked, spiritually blind doctors?  We still just don't get it, do we?
  2. Support local pro-life pregnancy centers.  These are popping up everywhere and we ought to be giving money generously to them.  We ought to serve as counselors, donate baby bottles, walk in the walk-a-thons, and do whatever else it takes to see these places of blessing succeed.  Most local centers aim to not just save babies, but also to minister the gospel to moms and dads who are broken beyond belief.  If you're in our region, support Choices for Women of New Albany, IN or Speak for the Unborn and A Woman's Choice Resource Center in Louisville KY.
  3. Badger the heck out of your elected officials.  Use your voice as a voter in America!  Send emails.  Make phone calls.  Write letters.  Urge pro-life legislation.  Urge lawmakers to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for crimes and violations.  Make sure your elected officials know you are watching them and will not vote for them for re-election if they do not support the pro-life cause at every turn.  Tell them how disgusted you are that you have been forced to subsidize infanticide with your tax money!  Don't be afraid to show some moral outrage!!  We still have some measure of freedom folks, let's use it while we still can.
  4. Consider joining side-walk missionaries.  In downtown Louisville, KY, every weekend Christians from local churches stand outside the Planned Parenthood offices and urge women to re-consider.  They share the gospel with women.  They plead with women and men to choose life.  These are the true warriors among us, church.  They are often threatened, sometimes physically assaulted, and even arrested every now and then.  And for what?  For countering the lies of the devil with the truth of Jesus Christ.  In America.  This ministry may not be for everyone, but it must be at least prayerfully considered by every Christian.

God help us!  God grant us courage to fight for the unborn, and extend mercy to broken men and women who are considering abortion or who have already committed the act.  Jesus saves murderers.  Just ask the Apostle Paul.

Listen to this short clip from John Piper. It is his response to a statement made by our president a few years ago.

This video shows some of what is going on in Louisville to stop abortion.

by Keith McWhorter