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Forgive One Another


Forgiveness. It’s a beautiful word that flows with joy off our tongues. May we who are in Christ also see it flowing ever-so gracefully from our hearts. When Christians forgive one another, as Christ has forgiven them, it is truly like a river flowing from our inmost being, refreshing the souls of the forgiven. ...

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The Faith of Forgiveness


Forgiveness. Such a beautiful, terrible word. Beautiful to receive, but often so terribly difficult to give. ...

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A Good Friday Survey


On this Good Friday, amidst the tumult of our sin-wrecked world, it would be good for us to soak up the lines of the poem penned by Isaac Watts. We know this poem as the hymn, “When I Survey.”...

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Unquenchable Love


Valentine’s Day is hokey. Probably the epitome of a Hallmark holiday. Nevertheless, there is certainly nothing inherently wrong with observing special days or special occasions (Rom 14:5). And genuine love is worth celebrating! Not just today, but every day....

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A Tale Of Two Prayers


"If you ask anything in My name, I will do it" (John 14:14). While I want to guard against any notion of name-it-claim-it theology, and I renounce any doctrine that says we can manipulate God Almighty by our prayers, I do think two prayers said recently in Legislative Chambers speak volumes about the division in our Nation. There really are two visions for the United ...

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Peace On Earth?


Christmas Season speaks often of peace. I mean, after all, the angels announced to the shepherds, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men" (KJV). Even if you prefer another translation, such as the ESV (which I do), the note of peace is still there: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased." Peace...

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Responding to Revoice


Last year a conference was held in St. Louis called "Revoice." Although I have not listened to any of the sermons or speeches given at the conference, I studied up on it enough to know it was not a conference I would personally endorse or attend. Several speakers at this conference are advocating for the acceptance of labels such as "Gay Christian." Sexual desires and beha...

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Judging the Judges (Part 10)


It's all downhill from here. That epitaph could be written after the death of Samson. Israel just goes from bad to worse. Let's see, first there's Micah and his mother who uses 1,100 pieces of silver to make an idol which she has the gall to dedicate to Yahweh, the One True God who hates and forbids idolatry! Micah then turns his home into a little mini-temple to false g...

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Judging the Judges (Part 9)


Delilah. The name conjures up images of a vixon, a sultry temptress, an irresistible woman. Napoleon had his Waterloo. Samson had Delilah. The account of Samson and Delilah may well be the most well-known episode in the Book of Judges, and one of the most popular in all the Bible. So, I need not recount it in any great detail here. Rather, let me just draw out some lesso...

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Judging the Judges (Part 8)


Samson. His name still stirs up images on a Herculean man, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding hay day. Samson is probably the most popular of the Judges of Israel. His story is riveting. One wonders why Hollywood has not latched onto it, as it would make for a blockbuster! I mean this dude tore lions apart with his bare hands and killed 1,000 enemy soldiers wi...

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