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Pray For The Supreme Court!


The “leaked” document published by Politico pertaining to the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade is a stunning development. Add the highest court of our land to the ever-growing list of institutions that have proven to be infiltrated with untrustworthy snitches who care more about themselves and their personal agendas than the higher good or the overall int...

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An Unjust Justice


OK, so it is not my intent here to argue against the way our society defines “race.” I have done that elsewhere in blogs addressing the false definitions employed by Critical Race Theorists. I do appreciate that Google’s definition added the phrase “or ethnic group.” Biblically, there is one race – human – but many people groups / cultures, ethnicities. But t...

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April Fool’s In A Nation Of Fools


Was it a publicity stunt? Intended to rescue a Hollywood awards show from years of plummeting ratings and viewership? Or was it a real, raw expression of insult, injury and angst? ...

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For my faithful few readers out there, you know that I try to resist the urge to blog as quickly as possible about whatever is in the 24-hour news cycles. I think far too many pastors and Christian leaders and bloggers reverse James 1:19 and are quick to speak, and slow to listen. The plethora of opinions inundating Twitter and the blogosphere regarding the 6-day old...

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Parents V. Schools


For several months now, our newscasters have been reporting on the phenomenon of distraught parents pushing back against school boards, teachers, and the public educational system in general. Granted, the demeanor of these parents is not always kind. And yet, many conservative Christians cannot help but feel empathy, if not just outright cheer them on. Bible-treasuring b...

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Hoosier Communism


For any American Christian who imagined that the radical Marxist, anti-Christian, church-hating agenda of the LGBTQ+ movement would simply remain in Europe, Canada (see my previous blog) and California, think again....

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Canadian Communism


Just a few days ago, one of the most wicked pieces of legislation in the history of humanity took effect in Canada. Bill C-4 effectively criminalized what has been labeled “conversion therapy” regarding sexuality and gender. Any Canadian citizen who promotes or attempts in any way to convince a person that heterosexuality and/or actual biological gender is to be pref...

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Vaccine Equity

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I trust the World Health Organization . . . About as far as I can throw them! Or, almost as much as I trust the CDC and Dr. Fauci. But, some of my few faithful readers may recall many months ago that I wondered why seemingly nobody was saying anything about “vaccine equity.” ...

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Partiality by Vaccination


The lack of biblical discernment among several big name evangelical leaders and churches is now beyond disturbing. More and more reports of a new form of church segregation are popping up around the nation. Ironically, some of the same pastors and leaders who have been slowly but surely drinking the Kool Aid of wokeness, which claims its aim is “antiracism,” are now ...

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God has ordained government as the earthly authority with the power of the sword (Rom 13:1-7). Governments are all accountable to the King of kings for how they rule (Dan 4; Rev 18). Governments are beholden to God’s Word to discern good from evil. The Bible is replete, however, with examples of earthly rulers and governments who refused to stay in their lane....

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