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God has ordained government as the earthly authority with the power of the sword (Rom 13:1-7). Governments are all accountable to the King of kings for how they rule (Dan 4; Rev 18). Governments are beholden to God’s Word to discern good from evil. The Bible is replete, however, with examples of earthly rulers and governments who refused to stay in their lane....

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A United Democratic Front


At one of the most divisive political times in our nation’s history, Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows how to bring her party together. The deceptively named “Women’s Health Protection Act” seeks to wipe out all the various pro-life laws passed by the states, and permanently legalize abortion on demand, for any reasons whatsoever, right up until birth....

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O How the Mighty Are Fallen!


...a fitting epitaph for what we Americans have witnessed over the last few weeks. ...

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The State As God


A pastor friend recently posted this citation from R. J. Rushdoony, from page 111 of his book The Politics of Guilt and Pity. I thought it worth posting again here:...

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Education or Indoctrination?


Things have been heating up at local school board meetings all across our nation. And rightly so. ...

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“Harassment Free” Abortions


On Thursday, May 20th, the Louisville Metro Council voted 14-11 to allow healthcare facilities to create “buffer zones” or “safety zones” around their entrances. ......

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Leadership by Executive Order


In his first 100 days, President Biden has signed 42 Executive Orders. He signed 21 in his first week in office! That’s compared to 4 in the first week for President Trump, and 5 in President Obama’s first week. There’s little question that this President intends to lead our nation by Executive Order. It’s poor leadership. And I believe that’s true regar...

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Stimulus Or Socialism?


It seems the US government has an endless supply of money. They just keep sending us checks, don’t they? Maybe like me, you are wondering how this is possible! I mean, aren’t we trillions of dollars in debt? And, maybe like me, you do not want another check from the government. I have written my legislators multiple times begging them to stop sending me unsolicite...

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The Language of the Unheard


In an all-too-common scene now in America, a peaceful protest turned violent in our Nation’s Capitol last week....

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Perfect Peace: Even In The Midst Of Chaos


"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, the Lord God is an everlasting Rock" (Isaiah 26:3-4). Brothers and Sisters in Christ, don't we need this good reminder from our God right now? Presidential elections are settled in heaven. The winner is ordained of God, who is the Only Sovereign King over a...

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