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Twelve Hymns to Sing as a Family


A mom in our church recently texted me a question: “I’d like to know what top 12 hymns you would recommend all children know.”...

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Dear Mother-in-Law


Dear Linda J. Lucas, February 6th is generally a sad day in our home. That's the day our Savior called you to His side. Your baby girl, Michele, was 10 years old. So close to embarking upon her journey into young womanhood. Although I know you are with the Lord where there are "pleasures forevermore" (Ps 16:11), I also know that way back then, the thought of leaving your ...

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COVID-19 and Your Family


Back in mid-March when the various lock downs began, I commented to one of our home schooling families in our church, "We are all home schoolers now!" When I said it, I confess it gave me some degree of glee. After all, I have for years strongly advocated for home education as the most biblically faithful and ideal model for families, with Christian private education and ...

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Back to School: Parents Beware!


Christians often ask the wrong questions. Instead of asking, "Why doesn't God saveeveryone?" we should ask, "Why does God saveanyone?" Another example, sometimes a Christian parent will ask me my opinion on home schooling or private school or public school. I have made my thoughts on those subjects crystal clear for many years, from the pulpit, in the counseling rooms, a...

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The Dignity of Home-Making


My wife and I have two amazing daughters. Raising them has been a deeper joy and a more difficult challenge than we ever anticipated. It has kept us humble and prayerful, seeking God's grace in Christ. Our oldest daughter (19) has expressed little to no interest in college or even a "career." We have raised both of our daughters to follow God's dream for their lives. If t...

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