Everyone's a Theologian

Yes, everyone is a theologian. R.C. Sproul offers a detailed explanation of the importance and role that theology plays in the Christian life. In Everyone's a Theologian R.C. Sproul explains some of the Bible's most important teachings in a readable and systematic fashion. His ability to make complex subjects understandable, and his careful handling of the Word of God make this an excellent resource. This significant theology introduction will aid any believer to apply Christian truths in their walk with Christ. It is a book about God, the Bible and the implications for our life. It is written by one of our days most careful thinkers. He is rightly referred to as a theologian, but in this book he calls every Christian a theologian, because theology is simply thinking about God. Everyone does it, but not everyone does it well. Everyone is a theologian and in this book Dr. Sproul invites every Christian to think about God carefully. The aim of the book is to make sure that our theology is in fact driven by the Word of God. Although he completely confuses the issue of baptism I can still gladly recommend the rest of the book. We plan to use this book in a future study at CBC so we want to encourage you to please go ahead and pick it up.