Little Linda


My wife’s mother, Linda, passed into the presence of Jesus on this day, Feb 6th, when my wife was only ten years old.  But this is no sob story!

My wife’s maternal grandmother, Lucille, used to call her “Little Linda.”  Probably because Michele (my wife) looked like her mom.  And probably, I assume, because Michele had echoes of Linda in her personality and mannerisms.  And assuming this is so, Linda must have been a truly amazing woman of God’s grace.

While I did spend some time with Linda before her death, it was not significant.  After all, I was only 8 years old!  I didn’t really know her, though I have a fond memory of her smiling when she was first introduced to me.  She smiled at me even though her body was wracked in pain as she was in her last days of struggling with cancer.  She seemed happy, though bed-ridden.  But again, I cannot say I knew her well.

But I know her “little Linda” very well.  And she is the sweetest, most tenderhearted, thoughtful woman I have ever known.  The fruits of the Spirit spring from my wife’s heart and life!  She is a woman of love, joy, peace and patience par excellence.  And that’s really saying something when she has lived with me for over twenty years.  It’s a credit to God’s saving and sanctifying grace and presence.

My daughters could not have possibly asked for or even dreamed of having a better mother.  Michele has poured into them day after day, night after night, fighting for them in prayer and forging them into women who know what it means to live in humility and gratitude regardless of life’s circumstances.  They, too, must know something of the kind of woman their grandma Linda was; for they see her legacy in their own mom as she loves them fiercely, teaches them gracefully, and models Christ-likeness in her daily routine.

Meaghan and Keileigh – you are living quite a legacy of love for God and others!  Passed down from Linda, and seen so clearly in your Mom.  May God grant you His grace and Spirit to honor this amazing legacy.

Michele – you are so indescribably wonderful to me.  Your beauty and love is surpassed only by that of our Savior and Lord.  I love you and pray your heart is comforted in this time of joyful remembrance and grief.  May you anticipate with all the saints of God the day you will sing to the Lord with your parents again, face-to-face with them before the very face of your Redeemer-King Jesus.

I love you, my Little Linda!