Socialism and Freedom (Election 2020, Part 4)


Well, it’s Election Eve. 

Who knows when we will actually know the winner? 

One thing I am sure of, Jesus Christ always wins.  Regardless of the outcome of our elections (important though they may be), King Jesus’ throne is forever secure.  And Jesus will continue to build His Church regardless of what kind of political or demonic forces oppose her (Matthew 16:18). 

But there’s usefulness in asking, “Under what system of government does the Church best thrive?” 

I said thrive. Not survive. And by thrive, I mean not just multiplication of disciples within the borders of one’s own nation.  While that’s the starting place, the Church’s mission mandate from our Lord is to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the peoples / nations.”

So I ask the question again, “Under what system of human government does the Church best thrive?” 

To put this in perspective, let’s rephrase the question: “In the past 2000 years, how many missionaries have been launched out into the world from absolute monarchies?  From communist nations?  From tribal forms of government?  From Fascist regimes?

One struggles to even think of a few instances where the gospel was propagated freely to the world out of these kinds of governmental structures.  Can the Church go underground and survive in Red China?  Yes!  Praise God!  But how many missionaries are being launched into the rest of the world out of China?

As Europe and Australia have become more and more socialistic in their governments, they have sent less and less gospel missionaries to the world.  We Christians here in America need to think seriously on these realities. 

I have many reasons to strongly dislike socialism in all its insidious forms.  The Bible upholds the rights of citizens to own private property. The Bible condemns taking money forcibly from some people and redistributing it to others (it’s called stealing).  But even more important than these principles is the advance of God’s kingdom through the world-wide, free propagation of the good news of Christ. 

Do we think it coincidence that the Sovereign Lord chose to begin to first build His Church in the Roman Republic?  The gospel spread like wild-fire throughout the Roman Empire, and soon thereafter was being launched into Europe, the Far East, and even the New World we now call America.  O yes, there were some rough spots (i.e., Nero).  But make no mistake, the God of all the Earth selected to launch the world-wide mission of His gospel from Rome’s Republic. 

And do we think it coincidence that the United States of America has sent more gospel missionaries to the ends of the earth than any other nation in history? 

Socialism is bad for gospel missions. 

Why are left-leaning politicians and the judges they appoint relentlessly attacking our 1st and 2nd Amendments?  Because these basic rights stand squarely in the way of a socialist agenda.  Of course, the Democratic Party Platform feigns support for both of these rights.  But one needs only observe how the blue states are governed in these matters as compared to the red states to draw a quick conclusion!  Anti-2nd amendment laws in Chicago, for example, have resulted in a crime rate that rivals if not exceeds some of the most dangerous cities of the world.  And where, pray tell, are churches being fined, threatened, and discriminated against all in the name of “pandemic control”?  I tell you, if a church cannot even assemble, it’s going to have a very hard time launching missionaries to the world! 

The votes we cast as American Christians matter, dear brothers and sisters.  But ultimately, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” (Ephesians 6:12).  Abortion is not first a political issue!  Sexual perversions and gender chaos are not first political issues. Freedom to assemble to worship is not first a political issue.  These are all moral, ethical, spiritual issues first!  God has spoken clearly to them in His Word. 

While we might not be giddy about any of our Presidential candidates’ moral character or personality quirks, their policy positions are distinct in the issues that impact our nation’s morality.  The party platforms and the candidates themselves give us a clear choiceAnd I firmly believe our nation’s ability to continue being the world’s foremost propagator of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world is truly at stake.  And that matters most.

O Lord God, we cry out for mercy on our nation!  Almighty God, please do not give us leaders we deserve. Rather, give us leaders out of Your heart of grace. That the Name of Jesus might go forth from our land to the peoples who have still yet to hear.  Be exalted in all the earth, O God.  We know You do not need America to accomplish Your sovereign will.  But we desire to continue to be Your vessel to tell the world that Jesus saves!  We are seeking Your mercy, confessing our sins and clinging only to the strong Name of Christ, come what may.  Revive Your Church in America O Holy Spirit, and awaken thousands of our neighbors to their need of salvation in Jesus alone as we share the good news with our Jerusalem.  And may You once again use us to turn the world upside down for Jesus. 

Soli Deo Gloria!