The Agenda of Black Lives Matter


Now this I say and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds. They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart. They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity. But that is not the way you learned Christ!” (Ephesians 4:17-20)

In our last post, we assessed the faulty worldview of the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly as it pertains to the idea of “race.”  By abandoning the Bible’s teaching that there is only one race, Adam’s race or the human race, and espousing the man-made theory of multiple races, we have only exacerbated the situation.  Whenever we add to or subtract from God’s Word, we fall under a curse (Prov 30:5-6; Rev 22:18-19).  America is living out that curse right now.  [previous blog post]

But the Church must not buy into the world’s narrative.  We must not cave to the culture’s categories, or definitions.  Racism itself is being redefined before our very eyes.  We are being told that if we do not tow the BLM line, and join the movement, that we are racists!  We are being told that if we do not adopt the language of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, that we are only adding to the oppression, or are ourselves privileged oppressors.  Many evangelical leaders and churches and denominations, including my own Southern Baptist Convention, are falling prey to this worldly non-sense. 

Of course the true Church comprised of born again followers of the King of Glory and Prince of Peace oppose oppression!  Of course we hate the sin of partiality, one form of which is racism or more accurately partiality based upon skin colors!  Of course we affirm the dignity of every human life!  And when the true Church has gotten these things wrong in the past, the Lord Christ who is the head of the Church has always granted her humble confession of sins and repentance. 

Racism, especially as defined and espoused by the BLM is the new #MeToo Movement.  Just a year or so ago the unpardonable sin was to just be accused of sexist behavior or mistreatment of women.  Many prominent men were fired from jobs and removed from posts without so much as a trial or any evidence.  The #MeToo Movement insisted all women are truth-tellers and all men are liars.  That women cannot ever oppress or manipulate or abuse men.  But this is not what God says (1 Kings 3:16-22; Rom 3:10-18).  Consider Proverbs 18:17, “The one who states his case first seems right, until another comes and examines him.”  But far too many in the church bought into the #MeToo philosophy hook line and sinker!  No doubt their motives were mostly good (there are some so-called churches and denominations who simply will do almost anything to remain “relevant” to our culture, but we pray they are the minority).  We all want to stand against abuse of any kind. Period.  But we cannot and must not allow the culture to dictate the terms of what that means, looks like, or what terms or definitions we must use in discussing the matter. 

For a classic example, consider the electronic billboard I saw just yesterday.  It read “The United Methodist Church says Black Lives Matter!”  Do you get the irony here?  The UMC also ordains into the gospel ministry those practicing a homosexual lifestyle!  The UMC is not true to the Scripture at all.  They gave up the doctrine of the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Scripture.  So now anything goes to somehow show themselves cultural relevant.  And God is not pleased nor is He honored.   

Racism, as defined by BLM, CRT, and Intersectionality, is the new unpardonable sin.  But the actual agenda of BLM defies what they are claiming is their primary motive – racial equality and to end systemic law enforcement or judicial racism / oppression.  For example, the official platform of BLM supports Planned Parenthood.  It is hard to deny the racist origins of Planned Parenthood.  Margaret Sanger was a flaming racist and eugenicist who believed in atheistic Darwinian evolution.  Abortion doctors have targeted black people for decades by strategically planting their murder mills in minority communities, all under the guise of “family planning / services.”  BLM also officially supports the LGBTQ agenda.  It is hard to see what link they think this has to stamping out police oppression of black people.  The founders of BLM have been open about their militant Marxist agenda, as well as their intent to completely eradicate the family unit led by a husband and wife.  All of the chaos being wreaked, including the statue toppling and rioting and looting and hijacking of mainstream media and domination of public school and state university curriculum is straight out of the playbook of Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler.  So as a movement, BLM is simply incompatible with genuine biblical Christianity.  Period. And I am thankful for the black voices now rising up to say so (see links at bottom of this article).  God give us courage to “speak truth to power,” or to those seeking to seize power.

BLM is spiritually bankrupt. Eradication of racism and other sins of the heart is not a project any socio-economic program or picketing or protesting can accomplish.  George Soros may well fund the upending of our Constitutional Republic based upon free market capitalism, but he cannot save the sin-sick heart of mankind nor produce any real righteousness in him.  Make no mistake, just like the Climate Change or Green Movement, BLM is a religion.  And there is no salvation of any kind, nor forgiveness of sins against a Holy Creator God, available in it at all.  There’s only One Mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus who gave Himself a ransom for all (1 Tim 2:5-6).  Only Jesus can and will make this broken world new (Rev 21:5).      

BLM is also scientifically bankrupt.  For all our talk as a society of being “science-driven” it turns out we are mostly emotion-driven.  Atheist John McWhorter, Professor at Columbia University, has been pointing out the need to pay attention to the actual facts of research for decades.  While I lament his atheism, I applaud his courage as a black man to point to the hard data.  We must ask: Do the research statistics actually back up the claims being made by BLM?  Are more black people killed by cops, as a percentage of population, than white people?  What is BLM doing to address black on black crime and the proliferation of gangs?  Does the disintegration of God’s design for marriage and home in black communities have any bearing on these issues?  Will BLM admit that the cities where race relations are the very worst have been governed by democrats for many decades?  Will BLM address the matter of police unions padding the pockets of the Democratic Party and protecting bad apple cops as being at least a part of the problem?  Will BLM honor the black voices of those standing in opposition to their agenda and their claims?  Will the black lives of Candace Owens and the Hodge twins (Conservative Twins on Youtube) matter?  Will their voices be heard and respected?  Will anyone other than Fox News give a voice to the black men and women of Project 21 or The National Center for Public Policy Research?  And will the Church listen to men like Dr. Voddie Baucham?  I am including links to these people and organizations below, not because I endorse everything they say or think, but because I believe their voices are quickly becoming the minority voices most likely to be persecuted and oppressed in America, and are worthy of our prayerful consideration.  In all our listening and talking, we must as Christians keep the total sufficiency of Scripture as our ultimate authoritative voice and guide. 

None of what I have written here should be interpreted as a polemic against Christians and the Church continuing to fight against hatred and oppression, and for human dignity, human life, and human flourishing.  The true Church always has stood against evil and for good, as defined by God in the Bible.  And we must continue to do so.  We lament mistreatment of any people.  We do desperately want to see harmony between peoples of all skin colors and ethnicities.  But we do not embrace BLM as the answer.  We must never look to any human government or movement for ultimate salvation.  For no utopia can ever exist on earth until Jesus Christ is literally acknowledged by every tongue as Lord of all (Phil 2:5-11).  And so as we go about doing good to all people, and especially to the household of the faith, let us not neglect our main missionto preach Christ crucified in the stead of ruined sinners, and raised for their justification.  Our experiences in our culture may well differ based upon many factors. But our ultimate need as humans is the same.  We need the Lord’s grace to rescue us from our sin! 

I want no one to come into our worship service at Corydon Baptist and feel like an outsider. No! We want to reflect the Father in Heaven who welcomes outsiders to come inside His house of grace by repentance of sin and faith in Christ, where all things are reconciled by the blood of His cross (Col 1:20).  May God make it so. The voices of the weak and oppressed matter greatly to God, and to us. But we offer and embrace no solution to man’s plight other than the blood of Jesus.              

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