There’s No Crying In Baseball!

The famous line in the movie A League of Their Own (1992), uttered by the coach (played by Tom Hanks) of an all-girls baseball team was, “There’s no crying in baseball!”  

One can only imagine how politically incorrect such a line would be considered, at least by some, in today’s wacky American society. The rebuke of the outward expression of female emotion via crying assumes some things to be true, doesn’t it? 

  • Baseball, as played throughout history by men, is not a sport where emotions may be acceptably expressed by crying. 
  • If women are going to play baseball, a man’s sport, then they must conform to the rules, spoken or unspoken. 
  • Men and women are different (and the coach’s insensitivity to it only bolsters the fact). 

A few weeks ago, several news outlets reported a history-making event. A woman took the field in an NCAA football game as the first female non-kicker to ever do so. Haley Van Voorhis, a junior at Shenandoah University took the field for one play against Juniata University. She recorded a “quarterback hurry” and then promptly went back to the sidelines (  

But history was made. Up until then, females had played in men’s NCAA football games only as kickers or punters. Shenandoah U President described the one play in glowing terms: "What makes this particularly exciting is that Haley's accomplishment is not just a well-earned personal achievement, but also a victory for all women and girls."

Van Voorhis commented, "I want to show other people this is what women can do, to show what I can do. It's a big moment. I made the impossible possible, and I'm excited about that.” 

Classic Girl Power Feminism at its finest! 

Now, this is fascinating in light of our American moment. The NCAA forces its schools to bow down to the LGBTQIA+ agenda relentlessly. Let us not forget that the NCAA allows men who say they are women (like Lia Thomas) to dominate women’s swimming, and other women’s sports are surely next. The NCAA doesn’t actually believe there is such a thing as a “woman.” Yet, at least in some circles, they wildly celebrate a biological woman playing on the football field with biological men.

So, should we expect an all-out war effort by real women to fully and finally overtake men’s sports? Will we be seeing female Heisman trophy candidates at the University of Georgia in the near future? Will the NFL draft Haley Van Voorhis to play safety for the Philadelphia Eagles? 

We all know better. None of us are holding our breath. Football is a violent sport, or as historically and rightly described, a collision sport. And some of us are just old-fashioned enough to still believe men ought not hurt women, especially not on purpose or for sport. And there are actually still a few real men in NCAA sports, as well, who would politely refuse to take the field against a woman or women. Their mamma’s raised them right. 

When will we stop this madness? The NCAA should return to the world of men’s sports and women’s sports, because “there’s no crying in baseball.” 

And that’s not meant as an insult to women. I delight in God’s creational design of the truly “fairer sex.” God knows what He’s doing. We need women who love being women, just as God made them. We need men to be men, just as God made them. This is the pathway back to sanity, and the fear of the Lord. 

Isn’t it ironic that the trans-gender movement has to actually assume the biblical and biological view of manhood and womanhood even to exist as a movement? After all, how can one be “transgender” if no real or significant differences exist between genders? We cannot even talk about this craziness without using words and definitions of “man” and “woman.” What exactly is one transitioning from, and to?  

If we followed the LGBTQ logic to its fullest, we would be forced to say nothing at all happened of any consequence when Haley Van Voorhis took the football field a few weeks back. It was just one non-descript human playing a game against other non-descript humans. No distinction = no celebrations. No milestones or victories for women and girls everywhere. Just ho-hum. Who cares? 

This is the ugly underbelly of this satanic movement. It is hateful. Of God. Of humanity. It dehumanizes even as it claims to free humanity. “They promise freedom even as they themselves are slaves to corruption” (2 Peter 2:19). 

If feminism was bad, this is 1000 times worse. Feminism, at least in theory, exalted women, often above men or to the detriment of men. But the LGBTQ idolatry especially singles out women. For annihilation. 


I recall another serpent who did precisely the same thing. Back in a Garden. To our first mother. Whose husband failed to protect and defend her from the assault. 

What will we do, Christian men? I firmly believe this demonic agenda destroying our daughters can only be stopped by godly men. Sons of Adam who have been bought by the blood of Jesus, the Son of God. Men who are filled with the Spirit of God and empowered by the grace of God. Men beholden to the Word of God. Men who speak. Act. Live. Vote. Debate. Persuade. Plead. In Truth. By Truth. For Truth. 

So help us God.

Haley Van Voorhis did a brave thing. While I do not personally endorse what she did, I at least am thankful she was acknowledged as a woman, stepping into the field of play with men. The distinction must be maintained. If not, we will lose all women. And sinful male domination that flows from Adam’s corrupt nature to ours will run amuck in our families, churches, governments, businesses, and shopping centers, to a degree that should make every remotely sane person shudder in moral revulsion. 

LGBTQIA+ is anti-woman. And thus it is anti-Christ. 

by Keith McWhorter