Baby Boxes: Worth Celebrating?

Several years ago, the movie The Drop Box about a South Korean Pastor brought to the forefront an idea now commonly called “Baby Boxes.” The State of Kentucky recently passed a Baby Box law, and the first baby was dropped off in February (  The idea is simple enough:

Got an unwanted baby? Just place the baby in a box or drawer, typically located conveniently in the exterior wall of a church, doctor’s office, or fire station. And walk away. 

While the motives of those who advocate for such baby boxes or drop-offs is noble, the idea itself is questionable. At least it should be for Christians who believe that God’s Law is perfect (Psalm 19:7), and is the model of all good and righteous laws among humanity. 

I admit the issue is complex. I want to see all babies born, and raised in loving, safe, God-fearing homes. And even if babies are raised in non-Christian homes, I still want to see them born and nurtured and cared for as humans made in the image of God. I abhor abortion. Period. I believe every Bible-believing Christian ought to be advocating and working for the complete abolition of abortion. Any “exceptions” can be decided between parents and doctors, as has always been the case. The argument of “exceptions for the life of the mother” are really unnecessary, as this circumstance has always been the occasion of a decision made between parents and doctors. 

So, the first step in seeing to it that all babies are born is to abolish abortion in our States and Nation. But baby boxes mostly address the second step – ensuring all babies are raised and nurtured in safe, loving homes. Granted, baby boxes may well encourage more women to at least give birth to their babies. But again, that wouldn’t be an issue if we would just abolition abortion. The baby box’s primary purpose, however, seems to be to ensure any baby put into the box gets good parental care. 

Does it accomplish said purpose? Well, I think we all have to be honest enough to say, “We don’t know.” At least, not yet. The idea hasn’t been around long enough for us to have access to any long-term stats. Longitudinal studies should most definitely be done as babies dropped off grow up. 

But, I must point out that how “success” is defined when it comes to child-rearing is by no means a point of unity in America. Not anymore. If the government controls the Baby Box Project, we can reasonably expect it to go about as well as Foster Care has. Yea, I know. Ugh. 

If the Government controls these drop offs, then we can reasonably expect babies to be “placed” with parents engaging in all sorts of sexual perversions, including serial adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, trans-genderism, polygamy, polyamory, and the such. Our Government no longer considers these behaviors and lifestyles to reveal any character flaws whatsoever. In the eyes of Big Brother, pretty much anyone can be a “good” parent these days (except, of course, a traditional conservative Christian). 

So, assuming more Baby Box laws arise, will the Government allow churches to have and control them? And if so, could we safely assume any church or any adoption agency or any doctor’s office anywhere could also have and control their own boxes? I hope you see just how complex and potentially disastrous these things may very well be. 

For these reasons, among others, I am not sure this is an idea Evangelicals and Conservative Catholics should celebrate. And we haven’t even mentioned the legal impunity these Baby Drop-Offs allow mothers and dads. Is it right and good to allow and even encourage child abandonment with legal immunity and impunity? No doubt, some evangelicals and mainstream Christians would argue – “Yes! All mothers who would consider dropping off a baby in a box are victims. No child should be unwanted.”

These same arguments are being made by some in my own denomination in regards to abortion. Women who allow their babies to be slaughtered in the womb are always victims and should never be held accountable. Ever. For any reason. So the fallacious argument goes. These same people call abortion murder, but then advocate for legal impunity. And so long as we Christians continue to equivocate in such ways, we shall never end abortion. Or child abandonment. 

We, in the Church, have stopped believing in Crime & Punishment. Or, said another way, we think we know better than God Almighty. Most Evangelical Protestants would consider themselves opposed to the Pope of Roman Catholicism, yet their puny, humanistic moral reasoning these days is right in line with the Pope, who is busy chiding backwards African churches for their support of anti-sodomy laws ( 

Stand your ground dear African saints of God in Christ! Just look at what has happened to the United States since we began systemically and legally endorsing and promoting homosexuality. Look at our free-fall since the 2015 Supreme Court Obergefell decision. Cling to holiness by God’s standards! Just look at the condition of so-called churches in America now – many of them ordaining men and women who are practitioners of abominations in God’s holy eyes. We are not far removed from the cult prostitution that characterized Israel as they syncretized with their pagan, idolatrous neighbors. People claiming the Holy Name of Jesus Christ are embracing child sacrifice, child abuse, pedophilia, and every kind of sexual lewdness that has ever existed on this cursed planet. 

And now even so-called conservative Christians are endorsing immunity and impunity for murderers and child abandoners. This is what moral insanity and false Christianity looks like, dear Church. Wake up! If we try to remove the guilt of sin, and make men and women think they have not sinned when God says they have sinned, then where does that leave the Gospel? 

The Gospel is only for vile, guilty sinners in need of a pure, sinless Savior. Real salvation in Jesus only makes sense to those who have real guilt. Guilt that garners them death and hell at the hands of a holy, and yes angry, God (Psalm 7:11). Only a bloody Savior, bearing God’s wrath against our actual guilt, can possibly put us into a right relationship with God (1 Peter 2:24-25; 3:18). And governments, rightly ordered, are called to serve God in their passing and enforcing of laws (Rom 13:3-5). But what hope is there when the Church of America is now calling evil good, and good evil?

O brothers and sisters, I am not impugning the motives of those genuinely desiring to save the lives of babies and see them nurtured well. Nor am I questioning the motives of Christians who call for kindness to all people regardless of how enslaved in sin, yea even love for our enemies. On those accounts, we agree! But we had better return “to the Law and to the testimony” when we begin to reason with our crazy culture in matters of morality and ethics. This is especially so in regards to babies, born and unborn. God help us once again say with the Psalmist, “O how I love Thy Law” (Psalm 119:97). God help us recover the lawful use of the Law (1 Tim 1:8-11). The Law is essential to the Gospel (Gal 3:21-29). We cannot abandon God’s Law for the sake of cultural expediency or relevancy. If we do, we lose the Gospel; for Christ was born “to redeem those under the law” (Gal 4:5). Let’s stop trying to wiggle guilty sinners out from under the Law of God. Instead, let’s uphold it, showing sin to be sin, as we urge sinners to repent and believe the Gospel (Rom 7:12-13, 24-25). 

For a gut-wrenching look at a growing cadre of Americans who now sexualize and pornify abortion, see Pastor Jeff Durbin’s podcast: But be warned, it contains clips of the most vile and lewd comments imaginable. Not suitable for children! Pastor Durbin only shows these clips to disprove the “all women seeking abortions are victims” theory. 


by Keith McWhorter