Come on... you don't expect it to be clean do you. I AM A NANA.

Well...i have not blogged in a while. Okay okay, i have not blogged in forever. There are some valid reasons. My pastor (his name is Keith case anybody wants to send complaints to him) told me I had to use this new forum and start editing my own blog. Can u believe it? He got tired of fixing my mistakes. What is that about?? system was just recovering from that when I BECAME A NANA TO TWO TINY BABIES. i now have four sweet grandbabies. My life is overrun with grandkids and new mommas needing help and support. And so...this blog. Well.. you know.

That being said, I cannot contain the thinking inside my head and so here it is.

Schedules...orderly living...having an idea of what is happening next have all mattered to me over the years. When I had my own kids, I had a schedule and I kept that schedule fairly faithfully. I don't feel like my schedule was an idol to me. I was willing to flex it and bend it when the season demanded that I do that. But I was really serious about keeping a schedule and knowkng what I was doing week to week and sometimes even month to month. And I don't necessarily think that that was simple. I think that that season of my life taught me much about the character of Christ. It taught me to make my yea yea and my Nay nay. It taught me to respect other people's time and resources and energy. It taught me to use my time and resources and energy wisely and to be a good steward of them. I didn't have time to waste. It taught me to be accountable for what I did and did not do during the day and why I didn't do it. And I practice that accountability to my husband. It was a good season full of joy and busy and learning.

But I am in this new season and its called Nana. This season has no schedule. It has no movement from day to day that is consistent and continues. It has no knowledge of what will happen from day to day. The only thing that stays the same from day to day to day to day is that I have no time to think... to clean. This has been a different world for me. I find myself floundering...trying to find my feet all the time. I no longer plan my days..weeks..months. I just get up in the morning and trust God every single day. New lessons. Here are a few. God is really in control. He is faithful to do his work and complete it. He does not depend on my faithfulness or hard work to continue. He loves me even though my life has changed up drastically. And God has a right to do what he wants with me when he wants to do it.

Different seasons require different things and teach different lessons. What has this meant to me? New life in Christ. I find myself changing to thr glory of God during this new season. Wish i could say it has all been gracious and wise on my part but most of it has been kicking and screaming in defiance. I thank God for this new place. A place of no control...a place of submission. It has is sweet. And if this sounds jumbled. Well it is because while i was writing this new season has been yelling my name. So gotta go. Planned for writing time..
But well. God has a better plan. :)