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How in The World Have I Stayed Married to You?

"How in the world have I stayed married to you?"

This is an age-old question. I bet Adam asked it of Eve often after they got kicked out of paradise and had to sweat for a living. I bet Eve asked it of Adam after she had to suffer through childbirth and practice submission against her will.

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What Not to Say to Your Wife (Part 3)

"You son of a perverse, rebellious woman!"

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What Not to Say to Your Wife (Part 2)

In honor of mothers and godly women everywhere . . . I offer up this second blog post in the series.

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What Not to Say to Your Wife

With Mother's Day on the near horizon, ladies dear to me are on my mind. My wife is amazing. She is my favorite mom and woman in the whole world. I mean no offense at all to my own mother, whom I love and try to honor. She brought me into this world! But I also know that God says a man is to leave his father and mother and cling unto his wife (Gen 2:24; Matt 19:5). So, I don't think my own mother would even expect me to say anything other than, "My wife is the best woman I know!"

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Want a Better Marriage? Get off Facebook

According to a recent study social networking may not make for healthy marriages.

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From a Real Wife to Real Husbands

I have debated and debated writing a blog about husbanding from a wife's viewpoint but decided that it may be helpful to say some things that are general about so many marriages. I read all these marriage blogs about marriage that make it sound so perfect, so divine. While I am thankful for good Godly marriages that shine Jesus, I am also well aware that marriage is as much about heartache and hard work as it is love and fluffiness.

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My Good Thing

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord" (Proverbs 18:22).

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Praying for Your Husband

It is with a humble heart that I write today. I pray for my husband regularly but there was a time I did not. I spent hours fussing at him and about him....hours lamenting how stupid he was and how smart I was (so obviously delusional). I spent hours wondering how in the world I ended up with a man who so obviously did not deserve me (ouch ouch ouch) and I spent about 20 minutes a week praying about him. I use the words about him because it was not really for him. I knew exactly what he needed....after all I was the one patiently enduring all his issues (I had none) and I knew what needed to be changed. So I spent time telling God how to change this amazing man created by an amazing God. I spent time griping to God and anybody who would listen about how GOD needed to fix him. I requested prayer that listed the faults I wanted others to pray about in Cliff. Sadly...very few Christian women ever told me to shut up and be thankful. They understood I needed to vent (oh brother...too bad vent means gossip). So we stayed married in self-righteous robes with me playing the martyr and no joy to be found. All this time this man I was bashing in my life and prayers was faithfully providing...faithfully protecting...faithfully loving me. And then a dear 80 year old friend who truly loved me called me on the carpet and offered to help me pray for my husband. What a life changing...God amazing moment....we began to seek God hard...not for my marriage....not for all of my husband's faults (real and imagined) but for God to change me. Oh man...a new world opened opened to me and starting to breathe through me. My husband began to walk around in a daze. He could not figure out where his nag had gone and who was this wildly loving woman he was coming home to. Without me praying about one of his faults...without me blaming him or requiring him to change anything...God began to change the heart of My husband and to turn it towards me in trust and passion and love. Life has never been the same. We still struggle. We still yell (well I yell...Cliff folds his arms and rolls his eyes) but now we both pray and seek forgiveness for our own hearts. Brand new joyful place to live....yaaaaaaa for Jesus and my dear friend Juanita Parkhill who loved me enough to correct me and teach me. I would like to pass that on. Ladies please pray for your husbands with hearts turned toward Jesus and full of understanding that change begins with you. Juanita gave me a book that taught me how to do this called The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. There is also a resource on that is so helpful and practical called "31 days of praying for your spouse."
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Hindsight Can Make Foresight Sweet

Today while folding laundry...massive joy swept through keep reading....I was not just folding any laundry...I was folding my husband's workshirts. He wears plain old white button down shirts and while folding them I was so thankful I could not stand it. I have been folding that man's laundry for 28 years...what happened today? Hindsight happened. For most of those 28 years, I have folded his clothes grumbling and fussing because I wash...I fold and most of the time I put away...I am an expert grumbler in the area of laundry....until recently. At 48 years old and looking on the other side of my marriage...wondering how many more precious years I will get to enjoy with my husband...God has changed my heart. I have served my husband over these last years because I "had to" and completely missed the joy of " I get to". I have become so aware of how short time is a vapor...every opportunity to love on serve respect so precious to me. Hindsight has made me sad in many ways...i cannot retrieve my grumbly attitude...I cannot respect where I disrespected...BUT I can thank God for changing my heart and creating in me a wisdom for loving my husband differently in the next 60 years :))). And i can share with my precious younger sisters in Christ...married and unmarried what hindsight has taught me. All seasons are but a short time...every opportunity to love your enjoy and serve precious. It goes fast sisters. I pray that you live in freedom to love your husbands at young ages in such a way that your hindsight is sweet. Praise God for no condemnation and changes from glory to glory...

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Am I the Source of His Discontent?

Sunday morning Pastor Keith preached a message that cut my heart in so many ways. He preached about
obstacles to contentment or peaceful satisfaction in Christ. One of those obstacles was a love of money
which is many times lived out in the form of workaholic lives.

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